In case if during the process of a legal entity’s conducting commercial activity the situation of insolvency (failure) arises bankruptcy is a necessary procedure. Unlike a lot of our competitors we can support the procedure of bankruptcy both on the part of the debtor and that of one or several creditors. Bankruptcy initiated in time is the most reliable means for a creditor’s collecting receivables from an insolvent debtor. For debtors bankruptcy is the only legal mechanism of terminating activity or liquidating (closing) the legal entity when there are debts unpaid.

Standard legal services of our company

Constitute analytical investigations or solving various legal problems on the base of current norms of the international and Russian legislations.

Non-standard consulting and legal services

Services of our office mentioned in this section exceed the bounds of services rendered by usual consulting and law firms. They are authorings by our specialists and partners based on experience in solving non-standard problems.

Technical services

Additional services accompanying our main activities. Most of all they are needed by non-resident companies wishing to carry out their activity on the Russian market.

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