We will render complex assistance to your business by combining initiative with international standards of legal consulting services

Unlike a lot of our competitors we can support the procedure of bankruptcy both on the part of the debtor and that of one or several creditors. Bankruptcy initiated in time is the most reliable means for a creditor’s collecting receivables from an insolvent debtor.


Constitute analytical investigations or solving various legal problems on the base of current norms of the international and Russian legislations.


Services of our office mentioned in this section exceed the bounds of services rendered by usual consulting and law firms. They are authorings by our specialists and partners based on experience in solving non-standard problems.


Additional services accompanying our main activities. Most of all they are needed by non-resident companies wishing to carry out their activity on the Russian market.



In 2021, we held 126 court sessions and spent approximately 9,000 business hours rendered services for our clients, from our 28 new clients over the past year, 24 came from referrals on our company. The shortest and the best review following results of co-operation with our company in 2021 was left by an owner of a large international business, Mr. Evgeny Ugolev: «I came to these guys with a big problem, but went away with money on my bank account». In the first days of the new year, our company received a request to give an advice on taxation matter. During a meeting scheduled for already on the very next day, in process of dialogue with a German citizen, we discussed possibilities for reducing his personal and corporate taxes. The information received was of great interest to our guest and his Russian partner. We very much hope that as a result of our activity a new international company will be created in Russia soon.


It takes for our specialists almost three years to receive our client’s funds, which were held by his counterparty since a long time ago. After we had examined a situation in 2018, we realized that a company debtor himself will never be able to cover the debt, and stage-by-stage legal work term of which will be about 2-3 years is only possible option. Our client agreed an assignment, and finally it came out that besides to a director general of the debtor, it’s real beneficiaries, including a company registered in the special economic zone “Skolkovo” near Moscow, had been brought to subsidiary (personal) liability for the company’s debts. The main our achievement is that these new debtors have already paid off a big part of the debt to our client, and a peaceful agreement signed and certified by the court guarantees to him full settlement until May 2022.

On-line efficiency and quality of services, continuous perfecting methods and ways of settling Customers’ problems, dynamical development.

On-line efficiency is the main distinctive feature of our work with Customers. According to data of investigations just a fast answer to a question is of primary importance for the Customer in relations with a company rendering legal services.

Quality of work with the Customer is also a most important priority for our company and its employees. We make our best effort to provide for maximally effective relationships with the Customer and better services than those rendered by our competitors. Carefulness, responsibility, creativity and creative approach are main components of success of both the Customer’s enterprise and ours.

Knowledge of the Customer’s business. We work on the principle of individual approach to everyone applying to us. Our specialists try not only to solve a legal problem but also coordinate it with a Customer’s wishes, strategy of his business development, tactical and operative tasks of the whole enterprise.

Work for future. The purpose of our company is successful and long relations with Customers. Like many international law companies we do not aim at obtaining maximal one-time profit by rendering our services once and forthwith forgetting a Customer. We hope that our work aimed at rendering high-quality services and fully satisfying Customers will be the guaranty of choosing our company for solving their new problems.

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