Non-standard consulting and legal services

Services of our office mentioned in this section exceed the bounds of services rendered by usual consulting and law firms. They are authorings by our specialists and partners based on experience in solving non-standard problems.
In current economy activity unitary and state companies face the task of solving many problems including economic inefficiency, investment unattractiveness, large payables as well as high wear of permanent assets. Our specialists will help to prepare for conversion into a joint-stock company, develop a set of necessary documents and a business plan of work of a company in a new organisational and legal form.
In the course of current economy activity participants of market relations face risk of various kinds, for example, the risk of imposition of levy upon the most liquid assets of a company – immovables, transportation facilities, other property. Our specialists have experience in forecasting and preventing imposition of levy upon liquid assets: an individual mechanism of restructuring assets is developed with proposing various versions and stages of risk minimisation. When examining every version proposed specialists consider questions of paying taxes, state duties, expenses on the version and the term of its completion.
The service on consolidation of the shareholding is topical for big companies and fully eliminates the risk of unfriendly acquisition of a company by another company. It strengthens positions of a business owner – holder of the majority interest. Consolidation is effected by means of acquiring shares from minor shareholders; the term of such a project depends on the shareholding fragmentation and peculiarities of its initial placing.
Realisation of the service supposes forming a legal structure of a holding providing for minimisation of different kinds of risks, increase of investment attractiveness, mobility of managing a set of businesses; developing the organizational structure of the holding and optimal grouping of functions inside every level of managing the holding on account of specialization and exclusion of function doubling; developing of the financial structure of the holding, with ensuring the transparency of forming and consolidating financial and economic results on business directions; developing the system of budgeting the holding, budgeting regulations and preparing a package of internal standard documentation of the system of managing the holding.

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