Round table

«Taking part in bankruptcy case –
practical tips for incorporate lawyers, auditors, and accountants»

Date of the event: September 27, 2019
Registration of the participants: from 14:45
Beginning of the event: 15:00
Termination of the event: 17:00
Address: St. Petersburg, Kuznechny per. d.2 (GSMK building), room 206, 2nd floor

Organizers of the event: Audit Chamber of Saint-Petersburg, Audit-Consulting Group INAUDIT and DCO, LLC international law company.

Relevance of the event: the theme of round table announced by the organizers is extremely relevant, since almost all incorporate lawyers, auditors and accountants in the process of their work are faced with bankrupt organizations even every day. The main priority and goal of the organizer was necessity to convey to all participants of the event a clear idea of how to act in case of insolvency of any supplier, customer of audit services or any other counterparty.

Performance 1: Bankruptcy – hope of the debtor or efficient instrument of the creditor.
A brief introductory speech was devoted to general issues of bankruptcy proceedings, preparing for bankruptcy and mechanisms of its management, ways to preserve the debtor’s business, ensuring the interests of its any creditor, as well as goals and importance of audit control and support before and during insolvency development process.

Performance 2:Particularities of a bankruptcy case for incorporate lawyers, auditors and accountants.
Discussion of signs of insolvency and insufficiency of bankrupt’s property, assessment of perspectives for debt collection at the beginning of bankruptcy proceeding, seizure of a director’s personal property and ways to challenge debtor’s financial transactions. Discussion and presentation of universal ways to bring a former general manager of the debtor to losses and personal (subsidiary) liability, the imposition of interim measures, as well as methods of protection against a claim in such a situation, including with practicable involvement and participation of auditors.

Time: the duration of the event was about 1 hour 30 minutes, after the end of the round table informal communication with participants took place.

Event leaders:

Moderators: Alexander Kuznetsov, the President of Audit Chamber of Saint-Petersburg, Director General of Audit-Consulting Group INAUDIT, member of Self-Regulating Organization Non-Commercial Partnership «Audit Chamber of Russia», Vasily Davydov,  scientific consultant of DCO LLC international law company, advocate, Nikita Goloshchapov, member of Self-Regulatory organization SRO «Northern Capital», state lisensed arbitration administrator.
Speakers: Specialists of Insolvency legal support division of DCO, LLC law firm.

In case you are interested in the topic of this event and want to organize its action on your territory and/or in your enterprise as well as if you participated in this event and would like to be consulted on the issues interesting for you by our experts, please, contact:

Vasily S. Davydov, phone +7 812 295 8886

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