Seminar in Saint-Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry

«Bankruptcy as an efficient instrument,
index of risks, responsibility of controlling persons and importance of auditing»

Date of the event: June 27, 2018
Registration of the participants: from 14:30
Beginning of the event: 15:00
Termination of the event: 17:00
Address: Saint-Petersburg, Tchaikovskogo street, house 46/48

Organizers of the event: Saint-Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Audit Chamber of Saint-Petersburg, Audit-Consulting Group INAUDIT and DCO, LLC international law company.

In the course of the seminar the issues of using bankruptcy procedure as an efficient economic instrument for attaining interests of procedural parties: the debtor and its creditor, indices of risks, basis and conditions of management (controlling persons) responsibilities, importance and objectives of audit support in the situation of insolvency were considered.

Performance 1: Bankruptcy – hope of the debtor or efficient instrument of the creditor. It is devoted to issues of manageable bankruptcy, analysis and practice of using bankruptcy procedure as an efficient instrument for the main participants of the case, including ways of preservation of the debtor’s business, ensuring interests of its creditors in terms of preservation and return of the most important asset – receivables, as well as objectives and importance of audit support prior to the beginning of the bankruptcy procedure and in the course of it.

Performance 2: Subsidiary liability and management losses – myths or reality? It reveals conditions, basis and procedural terms of making persons controlling the organization accountable for compensation of losses inflicted to the creditors and for subsidiary (personal) responsibility, indices of risks for the controlling persons at various stages of the procedure as well as forms and methods of their protection, and practice of arbitration courts.

Discussion, round table and finalizing the event;

Time duration of the event was two hours.


Alexander Kuznetsov – President of Audit Chamber of Saint-Petersburg, Director General of Audit-Consulting Group INAUDIT, member of Self-Regulating Organization Non-Commercial Partnership “Audit Chamber of Russia”.
Nikita Goloshchapov – Chairman of Board of Directors, managing partner of DCO LLC international law company, arbitration administrator
Vasily Davydov – scientific consultant of DCO LLC international law company, advocate, arbitration administrator.

In case you are interested in the topic of this event and want to organize its action on your territory and/or in your enterprise as well as if you participated in this event and would like to be consulted on the issues interesting for you by our experts, please, contact :

Vasily S. Davydov, phone +7 812 295 8886

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