Program and presentations of the seminar

«Recovery of commercial debts and compensation of losses caused by employees»
performed with assistance of the Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce
by the law company DCO, LLC
in St-Petersburg, Russia on October 22, 2014

Date of holding: 22nd October, 2014
Registration of participants: beginning from 13:30
Beginning of the event:  14:00      Termination of the event: 17:00
Address: office of Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce
Bolshaya Kon’jushennaya street 4-6-8 / A, St. Petersburg, Russia

Topic of the Seminar:

«Recovery of commercial debts and compensation of losses caused by employees» related to the program «Actual legal questions arising in the course of conducting business activity on Russia’s territory» for entrepreneurs already operating on the Russian market

Program of seminar:

13:30- 13:55  Registration

14:00 – 14:15  Opening speech and a short presentation of speakers
Tarmo Suomalainen, director, FRCC St-Petersburg
Vasily S. Davydov, advocate, partner, member of the Directors’ Board of DCO, LLC

14:15 – 15:10  
Methods and ways of demanding a problem indebtedness from a debtor  (zip-archive)
Nikita A. Goloshchapov, partner, Director General of DCO, LLC

15:10 – 15:30  Coffee break

15:30 – 16:20
Compensation of losses caused by employees of a Russian legal entity  (zip-archive)
Nastasya V. Knyazhishcheva, associate, DCO, LLC

16:20 – 17:00  Answers to questions, discussion

Contact data of organisers:

The Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce:
Natalya Bolshevikova, Director on projects, phone: +7 812 322 2121

The Law Company DCO, LLC:
Vasily Davydov, managing partner, phone: + 7 812 295 8886

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