Program and presentation master-class

«Bankruptcy. Danger or salvation?»

In the course of the master-class our specialists informed the participants on legal peculiarities of bankruptcy, opportunities of use of this mechanism both in the interests of a creditor and a debtor. Besides to discussion on the order of initiating a case of bankruptcy, phases of bankruptcy, procedural terms, participants and many other specialities of the bankruptcy process definite examples from our own real practice were also given to the audience as well.

Date of holding: 6th February, 2015
Beginning of the event: 10:00; Termination of the event: 12:00
Address: Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce,
Bolshaya Kon’ushennaya street, block 4-6-8, bld. A, St. Petersburg, Russia

Program of the master-class:

    1. Registration of the participants. Welcoming coffee
    1.  Presentation «Bankruptcy. Danger or salvation?»  (zip-archive)

      Vasily S. Davydov, advocate, licensed bankrupt manager;
      Nikita A. Goloshchapov, partner, Director General of DCO, LLC;

  1.  Answers to questions, discussion on the topic.

Contact data of the organisers:

 Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce
Natalya Bolshevikova, Director on projects, phone: +7 812 322 2121

Law firm DCO, LLC:
Vasily Davydov, representative, phone: + 7 812 295 8886

If you are interested in a topic of the master-class we would be glad to perform it at your own request again. For setting up a date of the event, please, contact our company’s representative by phone or e-mail mentioned above.


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