Master-class in the House of Finland, St. Petersburg,

«Commercial immovable property of Russia, market and legal regulating.
Analysis and practice»

Date of event:
4th October, 2017.
Registration of participants: from 09:45
Beginning of event: 10:00 
End of event: 12:30
Address: St. Petersburg, 8 Bolshaya Kon’ushennaya, business centre «House of Finland»

The event was organized by the Finnish and Russian Chamber of Commerce by the initiative of our law firm DCO, LLC with participation of the company «Maris» (in association with CBRE), our partner on projects connected with operations with immovable property.

If only your company is intending to go to the Russian market, create, acquire or sell here an object of commercial immovable property then our master-class may be very helpful to you.

In the course of their appearances specialists of the law firm DCO, LLC LLC told to the audience of peculiarities of creating and acquiring objects of commercial immovable property in Russia, their legal status and the order of state registration of titles for immovable property; peculiarities of passing of titles to new owners; ways of acquiring an object of immovable property; taxes and tax consequences of performing a deal with immovable property. They also described as examples of real situations having arisen for us in the course of performing operations with immovable property.

Our partners from the company “Maris” spoke to the audience of analysis and tendencies of development of the market of immovable property as well as told of the last offers on this market and the character of demands presented to them.

The law firm DCO, LLC has its offices in Russia, Finland and Estonia and is specialized in rendering legal services of various kinds, providing professional legal aid in investment, building and complex consulting projects as well as assistance in the course of solving tax, corporate international judicial disputes, assistance in criminal cases. At present the main direction of activity of the firm’s office in Russia is assistance in bankruptcy procedures. Since 2011 the firm has been an official member of the international association of law firms World Link for Law including 78 law firms from 50 jurisdictions of the world.

The total duration of the event will be 1.5 – 2.0 hours.

Speakers: experts of the company «Maris» (in association with CBRE) and law firm DCO, LLC.
Speeches will be in Russian and accompanied by presentations.

If you are interested in this event and want to organize it in your office and/or at your company or if you were a participant to this event and are willing to consult our specialists on related topics, please, contact:

Mr. Vasily S. Davydov, phone: + 7 812 295 8886

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