Our company does not sell national property like the OJSC «Gazprom» or OJSC «Rosneft’», and our proceeds are significantly lower than those of leading Russian and foreign law companies working for their principals in St. Petersburg and other regions of the Russian Federation. Nevertheless, we consider it necessary to participate in philanthropic activity. We help to find and establish the identity of Russia’s soldiers and officers who perished during the years of the Great Patriotic war while performing their soldier’s duty. Objects of our support are the Military Museum of the Karelian isthmus created by military historian Bair Irincheyev at his owns expenses and the search troop «Named after the partisan brigade of I.A.Grigoryev» created by its permanent leader Sergey Simon’an from the Karelian settlement Sukkozero without obtaining any state resources.

We earnestly recommend other funds and organisations not to bother us with requests for financing for our resources so far do not allow supporting other socially significant projects.

Bair Irincheyev, a historian and author of many books, the biggest specialist in history of Soviet and Finnish relations is the director and main inspirer of the non-commercial organisation «Military Museum of the Karelian isthmus» situated in the town of Vyborg. The exposition of the museum is dedicated to the Soviet and Finnish (1939-1940) and Great Patriotic (1941-1944) wars on the Karelian isthmus. The exposition includes: life of Red Army men and Finnish soldiers in the war of 1939-1940, books, newspapers, placards, leaflets of that time, fragments of constructions, arms and ammunition found on the places of battles; the uniforms of the Soviet and Finish armies, awards, maps and photos. Part of the subjects of the exposition is unique. As far as possible, specialists of the museum hold seminars and conferences, answer requests on the fate of relatives who perished, got missing or simply participated in battles in Karelia and on the Karelian isthmus.

The raid of the First partisan brigade of the Karelian front on the occupied territory of Karelia lasted for 57 long days in summer 1942. Out of 593 soviet warriors having crossed the Finnish guarding line only 130 people came back. In 1978 Sergey Mikhaylovich Simon’an, a timber lorry driver from a distant Karelian settlement Sukkozero, created his search troop in order to find the warriors of the First partisan brigade who perished in summer 1942. Search on the brigade is special: one has to walk along the partisan path that is already invisible, find it by some signs grown with moss and wild rosemary for many years, intuitively guess places of battles. To find remains of a partisan, to get them from the Karelian taiga is a big luck. For more than 30 years Sergey Mikhaylovich has performed his hard work, remains of 208 partisans have been found and committed to the earth, 7 memorial signs have been installed on the places of battles of the partisan brigade.

A short film about the search in the Karelian taiga: «Brigade»

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