Attorney Vasily S. Davydov is acting as a scientific consultant of our law company. He specializes in providing professional legal assistance to businesses and individuals at the territory of the Russian Federation and the European Union in Russian, English and Finnish languages.

State licensed bankrupt manager Nikita A. Goloschapov helps us to advise our clients on complicated issues related to the insolvency and bankruptcy.

Kari Silvennoinen’s law office – is our official business partner in Finland (Helsinki)

The advocate bureau «Aavik and partners» – is our official business partner in Estonia (Tallinn). The owner and the top official of the bureau, Estonian advocate Andres Aavik is a member of the Supervisory Board of our company.

The law company «Bureau «Lawyers of Irkutsk» is our main partner in Eastern Siberia and Far East of Russia. Besides to business law consulting activity, the company «Bureau «Lawyers of Irkutsk» renders skilled legal services in arbitration and federal courts of the towns of Irkutsk, Chita, Bratsk as well as maintains constant business relations with lawyers and advocates from China.

Creating of new business lines and improving efficiency of current business activity is a strategic specialization of our business partner 4M Business Development Group. As a result of successful work in this specific consulting sphere the company acts as an independent investor and co-owner of several business projects already.

If only within your business negotiations in English or Finnish language you require a professional assistance we strongly recommend to turn to our partner – a professional translator Mr. Grigory Konopelko.

In case of emergency advocate Andrey A. Ryzhov, our official business partner, who is both, specializes on Russian criminal law since 1999 and had already been involved in mutual projects with our specialists many times, could give to you all necessary advices.

Our partner for making conferences and trainings outside Russia is Hotel «Mansikka» in Lappeenranta, Finland.

Our dear friend and business partner – the company JAM & JAM carrying out services on organizing festivals, seminars and other corporate affairs, St-Petersburg, Russia.

ERCES Consulting, Paris, France. Managed by: Dr Thomas Albert Gilly, LLD, LLM, LLB

Audit and consulting group ACG INAUDIT, St-Petersburg, Russia

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