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Our specialists continue to work actively in order to protect a subsidiary of a foreign holding in the Arbitration Court of Kaluga Region. Obviously, a dishonest supplier being controlled by former managers of the Russian located company deliberately overstated market prices and is trying to prove the legality and validity of the claim stated by them at the court now. We hope that a judge will listen to our position and based on the evidence presented by us will make the correct conclusion about the actual relationship of the parties.


DCO, LLC law firm has begun preparation of a new seminar: "How should the incorporate lawyer of a company work in a bankruptcy case" to be held in the nearest future at one of events of the Finnish and Russian or St-Petersburg Trade Chamber of Commerce within our multi-year membership in these organizations. We consider this topic especially actual as just the internal lawyer is the first who encounters signs of bankruptcy of his company or bankruptcy of a partner company. Our company plans to prepare a speech not as a theoretical report but in such a way so that the participants of the event have a clear idea of the order of actions to undertake. The presentation is planned to use materials and real documents from our numerous court cases.


Within the limits of its international activity the DCO, LLC law company undertook the obligation to render legal support to our client from Russia having started a big investment project on creating a newest logistical terminal in Central Finland. We suppose that on the base of the experience that we have already in work on very complicated projects of big foreign holdings in St. Petersburg, Moscow and Kaluga, work with our Russian client in Finland will be quite new experience that will positively affect development of all our business. We hope that we will be able to offer still more effective and successful cooperation as well as solving still more difficult and complicated tasks to all our clients.


 Our Office is a legal firm situated in St-Petersburg and specialized in legal aid to Russian and foreign business on Russia’s territory. We have much experience in accompanying investment projects of foreign and Russian companies, complicated commercial deals, real estate buy-out and official registration of lease agreements, settlement of disputes in the field of taxation. Bankruptcy, reorganization, merger, de-merger, preparation for privatization, participation in public private partnerships, protection of intellectual property are our key points of competence.

Our consultants are able to not only solve legal problems but also participate as key managers in strategic projects of business development, organization of partnerships relations, and implementation of informational technologies.

We will render complex assistance to your business by combining initiative with international standards of consulting services.

The company's presentation is available here , download

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